Why choose us?

Friendly service

Great service from your local owner operator Andrew Brommer. Andrew lives on site and keeps an eye on the storage facility.

Safe and Secure

Your possessions are safely and securely locked away with your own lock or we are happy to provide one for you.

Separate container storage

We offer separate containers for each client. Choose from either 6 x 2.4 mtr (35 sq. mtrs) or 3 x 2.4 mtr (17.5 sq. mtrs)

Don’t take any chances…

Keep your possessions safe and sound with us. Contact us today

Top-notch security for your peace of mind…

Access every day

Our electronic gate provides you with access to your container every day of the year (7am-7pm).

Pin-pad control

The electronic pin-pad ensures that the only people who can get in are those that should.

Security cameras

Security cameras around the facility keep a close eye on what’s happening.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring enables Andrew to see what’s happening at any given moment.